Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a zoo out there!

The backyard territory is getting rather crowded these days! Our humans are busy fussing over all kinds of neighborhood beasties. They have added red stuff to one hanging glass something or other, set up a swinging platform, and have been scattering food on top of a few cut pieces of tree stumps. In response, the squirrels which ordinarily run along the side of the yard and on top of the fence have been visiting a lot, and there are flocks of various kinds of small birds.

The intruder orange cat seems to like to sneak up on the squirrels. But they always get out of the way. And when I pop out of the house to defend the territory (never mind the squirrels: where's that nervy cat??) the cat flies into another yard. If he hadn't been born a cat, he could have been a bird. Hmmm.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Good Heavens, humans, I said loudly and clearly. Can't you see we have an Intruder in the Bathroom?

It was morning and those silly humans showed no sign of stirring. There was trouble afoot. Trouble in this case had walked through the door on white paws. White fur with orange spots and copper colored eyes not unlike my own. This upstart creature was sleek and wore a collar and was trying to act ... like it actually BELONGED there.

The very idea!

What followed was two sleepy humans trying to persuade me to just step aside and let the silly thing leave without retaliation. That would never do. Sorry I scratched the Other One. It was just that she wasn't listening and made the mistake of trying to pick me up.

She knew she'd been at fault. She just scratched my ears when everything settled down. And settle it did, once I chased the intruder out the door. I don't think this cat will try THAT again for a while.

Still the Terror of the Neighborhood and Protector of the Household
Acorn Oakmist the Red