Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guest? Really?

Hello World,
I tiptoed in to Those Humans' nice place early one morning and scoped out what they were dreaming. I tried to make sure the Orange Terror was fast asleep. He really likes me, you know. And the other one, the great big one who's constantly eating, doesn't care if I'm here.

Anyway I'm sure I saw something in their dream thoughts about "Guest Blogger." So I decided to try it, and here I am. Hope they don't catch me till I'm gone. I do like a bit of invisibility practice now and then.

Here's one of my invisibility secrets: Act as if you own the place. I can sneak in quietly and park in one of Their Cats' accustomed spot and they might even think I belong here.

Well, the one human with the loud voice and the nasty water spray thing hasn't fallen for it yet. But the other one sometimes doesn't notice fast enough. She saw me taking a nice nap on top of Human One's truck a few nights back. True, I am not orange. But it took her a minute. The light was dim.

It was such a nice nap, too. I didn't want to leave and told her so with a few loud hisses. I kinda feel sorry about that now. But seriously?? It was cold Out There. My humans don't ever seem to notice I'm not home.

I stayed away last night. So I think it's time for a bit more exploring tonight, unless someone wises up and blocks their nice little door. Prrrrowl.

Hugs and Cat Hair (in hidey holes)
Rohan The Neighbor Cat