Monday, August 29, 2011

Orange Fur Distribution Plan

Hello from Acorn Oakmist,
I've been working on keeping those wandering humans close by purring at them and hopping up right next to them and parking with one of my Cat Looks. No, I don't do laps. Unless you count Patrolling the Borders, that is. A cat's gotta mark what a cat's gotta mark, after all. Nasty humans keep changing things around. A new gate here, trimmed plants there. The nerve.

So yesterday I purred my sweetest brogue purr and snuggled up to The Other One, let her scritch my ears, and as a reward, I shed all over her leg. Just to keep her in line. It apparently worked. Haven't had that much fussing over in days.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Human intrusion

Hi world,
A quick interruption of the cats' musings.
They have noticed some changes in our household: a new pile of books, papers everywhere, and an exhausted but happy human they have not seen for most of the
past three days.
Yes, she has survived the Willamette Writers Conference. Now she is ready to zonk out.
Back to the cats...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Humans, Not Their Cats

Hello World from Acorn Oakmist,
"Our Humans" are falling down on the job. It's their job, after all, to make sure it isn't raining when we want to go out. We checked ALL the doors at five thirty this morning. What did I tell them last night? Hmpfh.

However.... the grass is calling to me with its high little voices. Soon I can be Big Ferocious Jungle Cat. Then they'll remember who's the boss in the household. Slink. Slink. Pounce.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guest? Really?

Hello World,
I tiptoed in to Those Humans' nice place early one morning and scoped out what they were dreaming. I tried to make sure the Orange Terror was fast asleep. He really likes me, you know. And the other one, the great big one who's constantly eating, doesn't care if I'm here.

Anyway I'm sure I saw something in their dream thoughts about "Guest Blogger." So I decided to try it, and here I am. Hope they don't catch me till I'm gone. I do like a bit of invisibility practice now and then.

Here's one of my invisibility secrets: Act as if you own the place. I can sneak in quietly and park in one of Their Cats' accustomed spot and they might even think I belong here.

Well, the one human with the loud voice and the nasty water spray thing hasn't fallen for it yet. But the other one sometimes doesn't notice fast enough. She saw me taking a nice nap on top of Human One's truck a few nights back. True, I am not orange. But it took her a minute. The light was dim.

It was such a nice nap, too. I didn't want to leave and told her so with a few loud hisses. I kinda feel sorry about that now. But seriously?? It was cold Out There. My humans don't ever seem to notice I'm not home.

I stayed away last night. So I think it's time for a bit more exploring tonight, unless someone wises up and blocks their nice little door. Prrrrowl.

Hugs and Cat Hair (in hidey holes)
Rohan The Neighbor Cat

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I can haz cookies?

..that's what my human is muttering. I think she's visited LOL CATS way too often. but she thinks that's what may fix the problems. By the way, the fox is really annoying. Can we banish him?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Mystery of the Vanishing Posts

Mom tells me, while tapping away and scratching her head, that she'll need to call in either a detective or a hunter (or perhaps a cat) to figure out why her posts on other people's blogs are vanishing without a trace.

I could do the hunter part...
but first, a nap. It's cold and gloomy outdoors.
Elfstone Chestnut Pussycat

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hunting Practice

Hello n'a purr from Elfstone Chestnut Pussycat,
I am occupying myself by startling my humans late at night by making sinister bouncing and crashing noises. Or maybe it's early in the morning. Well, it's their fault. Mom needed to know I am a big ferocious pussycat and she locked the cat door a couple of times. Pooh. No bunny rabbits. But there was this big scary thing under the couch that needed to be exposed, hounded (if you'll pardon the expression) out of its cozy hidey hole. Growl. Bite. Drag.

It was utterly satisfying the next morning to hear the Momly Complaint:

"What's my slipper doing in the middle of the hallway?"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ears up, but only for a little while!

Greetings from Acorn Oakmist,
My Human has given in to the sleep vibes I've been steadily aiming at her from the couch. So I woke up and noticed that The Other One is tapping away at that clacky thing on her lap. Hmph. I must be slipping. I shall get up, turn creakily around on the cushion to remind her that I am a Senior Cat and Must Be Obeyed, and settle back down with ears up, looking away from her. She knows then that I mean business even though I'm not looking at her.

Earlier on I had to remind My Human that I am most definitely not a pillow even though I was blending into them effortlessly. The joys of being orange on a red and gold background.

Ah, well, back to hibernation. ZZZZ.

Monday, February 7, 2011

stillness in the air

Hello from Elfstone Chestnut Pussycat,
The nice man with the pain-in-the butt fur creature who lives next door had a lot of people come over for the past few days. Ordinarily he's by himself and some people stop by from time to time. The fur creature isn't as big as we are, and he makes lots of noise every time he sees us and wiggles to get up and down the porch step, unlike us cats, who can leap tall fences any time we want... anyway, though, the man is always very nice even though he seems to think I'm a girl...the very idea.

But things have been very odd in neighbor land, with extra visitors staying for a very long time, and yesterday we heard a big clanging and clattering. People opened the big door we had never seen open and started taking things out. Big things, noisy things. Things that smell like the smells under the big monsters that move in the street. Little things hanging on shelves. That door does not open very much. And when I peeked in the other door there was a woman all the way inside the house. She was crying and not moving around very much.

Something was really wrong, I thought, and I didn't see the nice man. Now that I think about it, I didn't see the Fur Guy either. Not that I missed him all that much.

And then they all went away and everything was quiet. I hate it when everything gets quiet. It's as though someone tore a hole in the neighborhood.

Now it's very dark in there and everything is shut. And my humans are upset. Even Acorn didn't have his usual Red Tough Guy cattitude. And I'm worried that they will go away too so I'm fussing over them and talking to them and making sure that they know I'm just a pussycat that needs his humans to stick around and do the things that humans are supposed to do. (Where'd the food go, anyway? It's been minutes since I ate last...maybe I should park on one of them till they realize they need me.)