Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's getting noisy around here!

I will never understand humans!

They had this insane thing about feeding everything that came into the yard, lately. Birds, squirrels, even our neighbor cat (Rohan, I think his name is.)

Now they're fussing and putting things out and taking them back and tsk-ing because Undesirables From The Wrong Side of the Tracks have just horned in to our peaceful back yard, and they've upset Rohan's turf too, and his humans are partly to blame. They put feeders in the yard and some oddball cage thing with white stuff in it hanging from one of the trees. Along comes THEM...noisy, raucous, screeching gangsta types in black and brown, and the poor respectable brightly colored songbirds and hummingbirds are, pardon the expression, all of a twitter.

OK, human, why are you jumping up and down and saying "NOT TWITTER?" A cat can't write a blog entry in peace either?

..and now nobody knows what to do.

There goes the neighborhood.

Acorn Oakmist