Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching squirrels? He has to be kidding.

Hello, humans,
Acorn here.
Elfstone wouldn't be able to catch a squirrel anyway. Don't let him fool you.
Time to whip him into shape and whap his butt for misleading you. Excuse me
for a moment. (Cloud of dust ensues)
Acorn Oakmist.


We are parked in the garden watching squirrels go crazy in the lawn. They are hauling nuts and other goodies around and bouncing all over the lawn furniture and other things the humans are putting out there, exploring every time something gets moved,
and trying to bury nuts. Occasionally one of them will get distracted, and start eating instead of burying. Then when caught they will "act casual, I meant that" and
start burying again.

Or they fly over the fence when they catch one of us sneaking up on them. Darn. They are too good at noticing this.

So I caught a bird instead of a squirrel last night.

Elfstone Chestnut Pussycat

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We are sitting at home on a wonderful cloudy early autumn day before the humans get home.

We want them home NOW.

they will surrender to the sleep vibes falling thick and fast!

Resistance is futile!


Acorn and Elfstone