Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer busy, summer not

Well, it's been an interesting summer. Elfstone and I have been busy exploring the area of the neighborhood with burrs in full swing, which our humans can't find, just to keep them busy trying to get them off our fur. While annoying at times when they pull too hard, we do love keeping them in line.

Elfstone has found nests full of mice and left a present in the bedroom. They didn't notice for a couple of days, then they were Not Amused. Well, it's pay back for disrupting our lives. "Bathroom remodel", they said. "Won't take but a few days," they said. HAH!

The garden has some nice places for happy cat children to explore. A jungle of tall grass lurking in the occasional corners. My Human showed The Other One a bottle and mentioned something about the blackberries. To her credit, The Other One threw a major fit and ran outside with shears. She hacked and clawed and pulled and they were all gone the next day. Apparently she didn't like something about the bottle. Wanted to save the mice and squirrels so Elfstone could eat them for snacks, or something.

Although the squirrels have pretty much convinced Elfstone to leave them alone. Now if the neighbor cat with the fluffy tail would stop being buds with him, the world would be perfect. Oh wait. A human is idle. Must ask to be let back out a human door so I can whip through the cat door and have them do it again in a few minutes.

Yours Most Sincerely,
Acorn Oakmist.