Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Great Cat Sulk

Acorn here,
Elfstone was hauled off by My Human yesterday and came back in an absolutely foul mood.
He slunk into the bedroom grumbling and looking exhausted.
The Great Cat Sulk lasted about a day and a night.
I could have told him the humans would finally figure out he hadn't had his shots in four years. His game was finally up. They cut through the feline fog he'd been emitting in his hitherto successful effort to have them not notice.

I do hope he feels better soon, though. Life around here just isn't the same till I get another chance to whop his butt into shape.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taking Care of My Human

It is a sleepy foggy day and I am making sure My Human, who is home for once, is properly nursed so she can get better. This involves the usual cat snuggles -- earlier today she had a warmed up nice smelling bag on her eyes, and all seventeen pounds of me on her lap, when she went back to bed for a while. So I could keep the rest of her nice and warm.

Of course a few bribes may be in order. She knows I'm a Very Special Cat, and even told me so. So I let her tell me so with some chicken, and a couple of bites of bacon, and will be making sure she remembers another little treat in a bit...

With all fondness, and a blue-eyed stare,
Elfstone Chestnut Pussycat