Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to the Silly

My junk mail filter bounces junk mail but logs the email addresses into a log I can look at if I want to.

Apart from the usual gibberish there have been a lot of oddly combined names and names that would look great in a junk romance novel (or even a real one, if you're a frustrated writer scrounging for usable names!) and names
which start out serious sounding but have wildly silly middle names.

Surprise! Junk mails are good for something!
Just imagine characters named like:

Sergio Connelly
Nannette Burt Goddard
Sherrie Baffin Street
Virgie Anything Fournier
Darla Wagner
Johnny Holler Henderson
Sharon Honey Kendall
Effie Anode Sylvester
Tequila Roberts
Newton Noble
Bobby Barber Diaz
Chadwick Front Hurley
Imogene Sort MacNair
Carolyn Workmanlike Werner
Clark Slogan Fitzgerald
Malcom Penelope Mack
Carlton Morgen Leonard
Rocky Hartley
Fred Rhodes James
Jason Weeks Rodriguez
Pearlie Heard Maher
Colleen Daytime Dooley
Pauline Permeate Hollis
Gabriel Britt

Not to mention the ever-popular Roqfarmerscoopexchangefis !
(Just think about those desperate mothers-to-be out there who can't figure out what name to name their children. Now they too can be inspired by the internet....)

James Shrug Jones
Lacy Wade Medrano
Evangelina Exercisable Valentin
Delores Houston Courtney
Cleo Manzanita Koch
Veronica Patrician Valenzuela
Zachary Nightshirt Kelly
Therese Monkish Redmond
Caroline Screechy Quick
Angelique Nuance Mclain
Anton Combinate Numbers

And apparently there's a spammer out there who is trying to use up every possible permutation of first names combined with "Danby" or "Davie" or "Dalzell". I've been getting multiple posts of those for so long I'm surprised they haven't used all of them up yet.